What is Amazon Affiliate Program

Apart from Amazon's reputation, Amazon affiliate program in one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. A high-potential program that gives marketers, bloggers and influencers a great monetization possibility based on Amazon products promotions. 


Launch Amazon Associates Program, which has huge numbers of producers, publishers, and bloggers earning money. Rest assured we will support you till your reach your goals.

Pick Based on Your Knowledge of the products and Promote them

There are very flexible tools on Amazon associate dashboard to get the free-hassle referral links among millions of popular products and refer them to your through just 1 or 2 click audience and viewers but we got this good news for you as we walk you through.

The good news is that we want to provide you affiliate system best practices with the most advanced technical knowledge about this business method to bring you more productivity..

You will have a lot business options to set-up and grow a stable business without need to invest, spend or huge financial.

Understand the Associate Operating Agreement

Get answers to the four most common questions about the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement and Program Policies.

In case you encounter any objects or problem, you can contact our experts through helpdesk

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Join on a very flexible Program, which has huge numbers of producers, authors, and bloggers earning an income.


Potentially share millions of products With your audience. Large publishers, individual bloggers, and social media influencers have all benefited from Amazon customized linking techniques.


Earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs. Our competitive conversion rates help maximize earnings.

Associates Program Standard Commission Income Statement

The commission state rates can help us to set the priorities for our selections but still we have to consider the other factors which we will mention in the following

Associate flexible toolbar and departments

Amazon Sitestripe toolbar which has multiple link generator plus Facebook and twitter icons for a direct share which brings you commission. These icons will be available when you login to the Amazon through your Amazon affiliate program credentials.

Using your Associates SiteStripe is the simplest and easiest way to link to any Amazon website. If you're logged in to Amazon with the same Amazon account you use for Associates, the SiteStripe toolbar will appear at the top of every page you view. To use the SiteStripe to create a link to a page, browse to the page you want on Amazon and click the SiteStripe's 'Get Link: Text' button. It's that easy.


Product referral Link & Social Share Solution

After signing up on Amazon associate account, you will access associate menu bar at the top of home or Amazon products page as shown in the picture above, numbered in order, each of these tools gives you a hyperlink or banners in the form of a html tag that you will be able tbodyembed them in your site, blog or at the business section of your social page such as facebook and twitter.

    1. Text gives you a full or short hyperlink
    1. Image gives you a banner as a HTML tag
  1. Text & Image provides you both banner and text
  2. Custom (Native Shopping ads) provides you a banner in the stripe form
  3. The 5 number item ebales you to directly share on Facebook & twitter in way includes commission for you

Please just keep in mind we need to make an Associate account to have access on this toolbar

Amazon Associate flexible Dashboard consists the following menubar and tools

  Product Linking Promotions Tools Help
  Product Links Idea hub SiteStripe Program Help
Amazon Associate Navigation Bar Banners Amazon Bounty Program Link Checker Resource Center
  Native Shopping Ads Amazon Promo Codes Product Advertising API Commission Income Statement
  Mobile Popover - One Link Discussion Boards
test Link to any Page - - -

Affiliate advanced level

We guarantee to turn you into an affiliate user and a professional marketer through the basic steps utilizing Associate dashboard and Advertise APIs