O-Cedar Rinse N Clean Spin Mop With Bucket - Black (168534) (NEW Free Shipping )

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A continuous clean, from start to finish.

Say goodbye to dirty water. The O-Cedar RinseClean System uses clean water every rinse. The EasyWring RinseClean Spin Mop features an innovative 2-tank bucket system to separate clean and dirty water for a seamless cleaning experience. The Mop and Bucket System is equipped with a foot-activated pedal, and the hands-free system is complete with a powerful microfiber mop head that removes 99% of bacteria with water.* A truly deep clean has never been easier.

  • 2-tank bucket system ensures you clean your home with fresh water, every rinse
  • Built-in pedal allows for an uninterrupted clean with hands-free wringing, and lets you control the moisture level on your floors.
  • O-Cedar machine washable microfiber mop heads remove over 99% of bacteria with just water*
  • Safe for all hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, vinyl and more
  • For an even easier way to clean, use RinseClean with O-Cedar PACS Hard Floor Cleaner - simply drop one convenient PAC filled with deep-cleaning enzymes into your bucket, watch it fizz, then mop!






    Mop Type

    Flat Mops

    Assembled Product Weight

    7.05 lb




    Freudenberg Household Products LP

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

    10.35 x 11.81 x 19.29 Inches



    Instructions: (1) Remove clean water tank from the bucket. (2) Ensure water release lever is down in closed is down in closed position. Remove blue fill cap and fill tank with water. (Optional: Add favorite cleaning solution to water). (3) After filling, close the blue fill cap and place clean water tank back into bucket. (4) Lift the red water release lever to open. The rinsing chamber will fill with clean water. Red lever can remain open. (5) Place mop inside rinsing chamber. Twist mop to wet/rinse the mop head. (6) Place wet mop inside wringer. (7) Loosely hold handle vertically to allow mop to spin. (8) Push pedal to customize moisture level. (9) Mop floor and repeat steps 5-8 as needed. Use & Care: To remove: Step on mop strands and tilt handle away from your foot to separate base from mop head. To Wash (Do not use fabric softeners or bleach): Machine or hand wash warm water and lay flat to dry. To Replace: Align microfiber mop head with base and push down until it snaps securely in place. Refills available. For best results replace refill every 3 months. Store bucket in dry conditions. Do not expose to excessive sunlight.

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